About the ContentAsia Awards

The ContentAsia Awards bring ContentAsia’s experience, depth of knowledge & integrity into Asia’s Awards space for the first time.

The inaugural Awards were held in 2020 – a pandemic moment that highlighted the gigantic demand for screen-based content. As if we needed any more proof.

The response was waaaay higher than we could have imagined. Streamed live on Facebook, the Awards had an organic (cross our hearts and hope to die), reach of 339,234 people, with around 3,000 comments and 1,162 reactions. 60,525 people viewed the live stream, which is still up by the way.

If we seemed crazy launching a new event when it would be so easy to postpone until whatever the post-Covid-19 normal turns out to be, all that laid our doubts to rest.

And so here we are, Year Three… & we’re counting down to our first in-person Awards event in Bangkok on Friday, 26 August. The show will still stream live on Facebook, but we will all be on the ground celebrating everything that’s good about local production in Asia.

Whatever did (or didn’t and continues to… or not to) happen because of the pandemic, great content continues to be in massive demand, and there’s really never a bad time to be celebrating the best of it.

When you think of it, our Awards at this time are more important than ever, adding pointers to outstanding content at a time of giant change in the way we go about keeping audiences entertained and informed.  

The ContentAsia Awards are owned and operated by ContentAsia, a 15-year-old information platform curated to offer insights into Asia’s content environment.

ContentAsia offers a range of free and premium products – including print magazines & directories, digital newsletters, daily news emails, online, video and social – is brought to you by a  well-known team with unparalleled experience, reach and contacts across Asia.

Topics cover entertainment content creation, funding, financing, licensing, distribution, design and branding, and technology across the Asia-Pacific region.

More at www.contentasia.tv

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