How do I enter the Awards?
Register here. The entire process is done online. Once you’ve registered, the system will guide you through the steps. You can pause at any point and save a draft and resume your entry at your convenience. You can also edit your entry after you have submitted it right up until the entry platform closes on 30 June. Meanwhile, we’re right here to answer any questions.

What are the broadcast dates for eligible programmes?
Entries have to have been on air/streamed on a channel or platform in Asia between 1 July 2019 and 30 June 2020. If your series starts before the deadline and runs after 30 June, please only submit episodes that have aired/streamed on or after 1 July 2019 or on/before 30 June 2020.

Who is eligible to enter?
Broadcasters/platforms/producers/production houses from Cambodia, China, Brunei, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Laos, Malaysia,  Mongolia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Philippines,  Singapore,  Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. 

Why isn’t Australia included?
It will be – maybe next year. For our first Awards, we decided to keep the footprint focused specifically on Asia, rather than on Asia Pacific.

Can I submit a programme if I don’t own 100% of the IP?
Sure. All we ask is that if you don’t own the IP, you get permission from whoever does to submit your entry, and that they are fully aware of what you are doing. Apart from being polite, you don’t want to get into any trouble and neither do we.

Will you accept joint-entries?
Yes. If you are the rights holder of, for instance, a format and you would like to submit versions made in Asia, you are more than welcome to enter it by yourself or with your production partner or broadcaster on the ground in Asia. Same goes for producers/creators of drama or other content.

Can I submit the same episode in multiple categories?
Yes you can.

How much does it cost to enter?
Entry fees range from US$160 to US$200, depending on how many entries you submit. Single entries cost US$200 each. There is a 5% total discount for two entries; 10% total discount for up to five entries (including entry #5); 15% total discount for up to 10 entries; (including entry #10) and 20% discount for 11 or more entries). Proceeds of the Covid-19 factual category will be donated to pandemic relief efforts. Proceeds of the LGBTQ+ category are being given to organisations like Taipei-based GOL Studios, which champions diversity and inclusion in content creation.

What video formats does your entry platform accept?
The platform accepts m4v, mov, mp4, mpeg, mpeg4, mpg and wmv.

Do my entries have to be in English? What if the judges don’t speak my language?
The language of great content is universal, as shown by the spectacular attention around Parasite (Korea), The Money Heist (Spain), The Story of Yanxi Palace (China), Love Destiny (Thailand), My Husband’s Lover (Philippines) and many other TV series being watched by audiences in Asia and around the world. For convenience, the language of the 2020 Awards is English. Many of the judges will speak your language. For the judges who don’t, we ask you to please make sure your entries are subtitled in English. We could ask you to submit English-language scripts and not bother with subtitles, but that would be unfair because we want judges to watch your entry, not be reading and trying to watch at the same time.

Why are you launching Awards now, in the middle of a pandemic?
Why not? And, in the middle of a pandemic, what better way to bring people together to celebrate what’s good about our industry? We announced the Awards in February this year, and, after much thought and some dithering, see no reason to call it off when we can so easily go ahead.

Will there be a live event to announce the Awards?
We would love to have a live event on 28 August to announce the winners. We asked the virus about his plans and he never replied, so… unlikely but you never know.

If there isn’t a live event, how are you planning to celebrate the winners?
Like everything else about our lives in the times of Covid-19, we’re focusing on what we can do rather than what we can’t. Here’s what that looks like. We’re going ahead with the first part of the process (ie. the entry process, and then the judging). We’ve ordered the trophies from a carpenter in Bangkok; yes, we’re supporting local businesses and modelling sustainability. At some point – whether in person or by courier – winners will get due recognition. Down the line, we will have a party. Meanwhile, we have all of ContentAsia’s platforms and community to draw attention to the best content in Asia. Our promise is that the winners will get maximum recognition, however, whenever, with whatever means at our disposal.

Will we know who the judges are and when?
Judges are listed on the Judges page and are being updated constantly. We want you to know asap exactly who you’re in front of. Now that we’ve 100% decided to go forward with our first Awards – Covid-19 be damned – we’re restarting conversations with all the people we were talking to earlier this year. As soon as they say yes, we will let you know who they are.

Will judges be judging their own content?
Simple answer. No. Not that we think they won’t be able to be objective. But even the slightest possibility that that results could be seen to be compromised means people will not be judging their own content or any production in which they have been involved.

Will the Awards be sponsored?
Another easy one. Absolutely not. At least not by anyone/company who submits an entry. Again, we don’t believe for a second that our judges will be swayed one way or another from their responsibilities. But even the possibility of the smallest, slightest implication that we may have been influenced has to be eliminated. We feel strongly that accepting sponsorship from companies that might go on to win (and throw the results into question) is not part of the universe we have built for the past 15 years around ContentAsia. Sure, it’s tough turning down potential funding for something that may – or may not – happen. Principles can be a bitch, right. What we are doing is giving companies a choice: You can sponsor, but then you can’t enter. We prefer you to enter, but it’s entirely up to you. No pressure. For companies who have no content to enter – all those tech, equipment, other vendors – we look forward to welcoming you to our brand new Awards world.

Are the Awards part of the ContentAsia Summit?
The two events are being held at the same time because that makes sense on multiple levels. But the two are being run separately and independently.

What about sponsorship and advertising around the ContentAsia Summit?
ContentAsia and the ContentAsia Summit, which has been held every year for the past 13 years, have always been grateful for strong support from the industry. Hopefully that will continue. These sponsorships and relationships will be kept totally separate from the Awards.

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