And We’re Back ðŸ’¥

So our inaugural awards last year went better than our wildest dreams. Honestly, early on in 2020, in our disappointment at being forced to stay at home instead of debuting at a glittery event in Bangkok, we were SO tempted to put our plans for the whole thing on ice. Our first Awards event in pyjamas; are you f*%$**ing kidding me?

Happily, it turns out, we put our deep sulking (and our pyjamas) aside, and with the support of hundreds of broadcasters and producers from around the region who entered and Mediacorp’s wonderful Yasminne Cheng, who donned the world’s most sparkly dress ever and brought her best game to a remote studio on the night, the first ever ContentAsia Awards happened.

Streamed live on Facebook, the Awards had an organic (cross our hearts & hope to die), reach of 340,465 (as of 10 June 2021) people, with 2,994 comments and 1,163 reactions. 60,668 people viewed the live stream, which is still up by the way, for more than three seconds. There was so much more love in the post-event posts from winners & fans across the region (and the world). As Facebook’s Saurabh Doshi told me when I asked if he had done anything to help us, “LOL. I don’t have that power… but I DO keep telling you about the power of the platform. Maybe now you will believe me”. Believe. I do.

And so here we are, Year Two…

What’s new for 2021? We’ve introduced a few categories, based on judges’, producers’ and programmers’ feedback, and retired a couple we feel are no longer relevant for a post-pandemic world. In total this year, we have 21 categories, up from last year’s 16. There is, of course, a lot more to recognise. And we will keep adding, but for now this is what we can do well, and as always, we are after quality over quantity.

New this year are separate categories for 2D and 3D animation along with a whole new category for non-animated kids programming; Best Asian Original Game Show; Best Original Song for a TV Programme or Movie; Best Asian Movie/Telemovie; and Best Asian Talk Show.

The 2021 edition of ContentAsia Awards will once again be streamed live on Facebook with, God willing, as much of a party as is safe to hold on the night. Meanwhile, save the date… Friday, 27 August 2021.

See you there 💥

ContentAsia Awards. A First.

The ContentAsia Awards. Here. Finally. Yup, long overdue, we agree with all of you who have for years encouraged us to go in this direction. And a bit late; thanks to indecision caused by Covid-19 containment measures. But, weeks and weeks of stay-at-home orders later, with soaring TV consumption (albeit with production pauses and disrupted pipelines) we realised that if any year needed Awards more than any other, this was it. 2020. And so here we are. Welcome to the first ever ContentAsia Awards.

The first winners will be announced on 28 August in as glittering an event as we will be able to hold, social distancing permitting. If we can’t do it in person, we’ll do it virtually. Whatever the shape and form on the night, one thing is for certain. We will be recognising the best of Asian content. No red carpet (or lack of one) in the world will change that focus.

The ContentAsia Awards are an extension of ContentAsia’s day-in-day-out year-round dedicated focus on and connection with Asia’s content industry. The Awards will be 100% judged by industry peers with hands-on knowledge and experience of the creative & production process. The Awards will also be absolutely, wholly, totally and completely 100% independent. That means zero sponsorship from companies eligible to enter. You either enter or you sponsor. We prefer you to enter. You choose.

The ContentAsia Awards entry process begins here.

If you need any other info or clarification, please contact us at